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So here is the problem. It's past my bedtime, but my bedroom is too damn hot for sleep. The living room is cooler, but the couch does even worse things to my back than my bed does, and there's no room on the floor to stretch out with, say, the mattress pad and a sheet or two.

There are two things that would help somewhat, but unfortunately I can't bring myself to do them.

1) Leave the balcony door open all night. This would certainly help make it cooler, and it would make the cats very happy. However, I'm worried that the creepy neighbour who stands on his side of the balcony and stares at me would take advantage of the open door to sneak inside.

2) Leave the bedroom window open all the way. I just closed it most of the way and blocked it with a stick so that it stays open only a crack. I don't dare leave it wide open because I'm afraid Chaya kitty would see Taz (neighbour cat) outside and jump out the window. She gave it a serious try yesterday when the window was open only a crack.

Unfortunately, with the closed door and mostly closed window, I'm afraid it will be too hot to sleep. With the door and window open, I'd be too worried about cats and creepy people to sleep.
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