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I think maybe I'll import all my Torchwood posts from Live Journal over here, but for now I'll just summarize them. I watched Children of Earth all the way through -- TWICE -- and I absolutely hate what they did. But I've ranted about it so many times over on LJ already that I have decided to rant over here for a change.

They killed Ianto, is what they did. And while I don't think it was a homophobic move on the part of the writers/producers, I do think it was, as someone termed it, "A slap in the face to fans." I mean, Ianto is probably the most popular character after Jack.

I suppose that it's possible they were going along the way Joss Whedon did in Serenity: kill off a popular character, and you don't know whether the rest of them are going to survive until the end.

I would have been willing to watch a new series of Torchwood without Tosh and Owen -- hell, I just did -- but take Ianto out as well, and what's left? Gwen is, sure, but she has never been my favourite character. I like her a smidgen more than I liked Owen, but I disliked Owen because he was a bastard and didn't care who knew it, not because he was a Mary Sue character.

When Gwen was telling Rhiannon about Ianto's death, she tried to make Rhiannon feel better by claiming that Ianto always talked about her and the kids. Only thing is, Ianto didn't. Gwen had no idea that Ianto had a sister or that he had a niece and nephew. Jack had to tell her. I don't think Ianto was one for small talk.

Unless they can retcon the entire series and take it back to a time when all the characters were alive (other than maybe Suzie), I don't know if I can keep watching it.



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